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In a mission
to do away with
all the insincere friends
and to keep
only the truest ones
I am unfriending
some of my friends
and my mission will be complete
on the day
I’ll unfriend


  1. Maanashi Rai says:

    Namaskar Prakash Sir, it’s me again, your new well wisher. I want to confess that I lack the ability to recognize between sincere and insincere friends…I still have feelings for those who have played with my emotions…and still have soft corner for those who have betrayed me in the name of friendship..I’m trying hard to HATE them, UNFRIEND them…but it only hurts me….don’t know why ??? let me know, if you have any suggestion on how to deal with those selfish bunch ? and how to recognize the Truest one ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Maanashi.
      I wish I knew the answer to your queries…!
      The only thing that I had on my mind while I was jotting this ‘joke’ down was that we ourselves are our most insincere friends…we tell ourselves a hundred lies about ourselves (and about others) everyday….


  2. renju says:

    Prakash sir, Good one. If you unfriend with yourself it’s ok but…..please don’t try to unfriend us coz we are living in the age of Facebook culture…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. bibekwrites says:

    Good one, sir.


  4. Prakash sir, how many times did you try this on me?


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