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इब्सन: प्रयोग र सन्दर्भ (Ibsen: Experiments and Contexts)

Editors: Bal Bahadur Thapa, Jeebesh Rayamajhi, Prakash Subedi, Sanjana Shrestha

Publisher: Aarohan-Gurukul Theatre, Kathmandu, Nepal



Henrik Ibsen is undoubtedly a familiar name for the lovers of literature as well as theatre in Nepal. But familiarity of the great playwright seems to be limited only to a few plays, primarily The Doll’s Hose, and to a few topics such as realism, naturalism, and woman’s emancipation. Moreover, no books providing detailed information on Ibsen’s plays, themes and experiments are available in Nepali language so far.

Isben: Prayog ra sandharva (Ibsen: Experiments and Contexts) is an attempt of Aarohan-Gurukul to fill that gap, and open up new avenues of Ibsen-discussion in Nepal. The book includes twenty insightful essays written by renowned Ibsen scholars from 11 countries, namely Nepal, Norway, UK, Iran, Taiwan, Bangladesh, India, the United States, Greece, Japan and Georgia, and translated into Nepali. The essays primarily deal with the issues such as translating, adapting, and performing Ibsen in different languages and cultures of the world, and shed light on those aspects and dimensions of the playwright which have not been much discussed in the Nepalese context.

The essays are followed by a brief biography of Ibsen.





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