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Introduction: Prospero




Prospero Performing Arts Center is a Nordic organization, founded in 2013 by Landskrona Stad/Sweden and Passepartout Theatre Production/Denmark with a third partner in Kilden Teater- og Koncerthus in Kristiansand/Norway.

Prospero Performing Arts Center is a platform – a Nordic triangle – with the purpose to support and establish international, intercultural performing arts for children and young people. We will do this by creating and extending a professional network for artists from the whole world – in and by workshops, seminars, symposiums and publications. By initiating and encourage innovative and professional, intercultural productions and performances – a performing art not fearing to mix traditions, techniques and cultures, but want to explore styles, forms and traditions within art. A kind of anthropological Performing Arts cooperation – the mirror can be angled in any direction.

Prospero’s first projects have been supported by Nordic Culture Point, Nordiska Kulturfonden, Kulturbryggan/Sweden, Danish Center for Culture and Development the Danish Art Council.

(From Prospero Website. For more details, visit: http://prosperoperformingartscenter.com/index.html)


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