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Introduction: ACH



Established by a group of promising Nepali young scholars, researchers and artists in 2012, Asian Center for Humanities (ACH) aspires to contribute to the promotion, preservation and fostering of various fields of humanities like film, music, theatre, literature, sculpture and painting at both national and international levels.


ACH aims at achieving the objectives below:

• To promote and preserve the Nepali film, music, theatre, literature, sculpture and painting
• To initiate dialogues and interaction in areas of social sciences including inclusion and human rights, environmental policies and concerns, peace and security, among others.
• To establish a network among artists and scholars at national as well international levels
• To establish print as well as digital archives of Nepali film, music, theatre, sculpture, literature and painting
• To promote cultural/artistic exchange programs
• To establish ACH as a research centre

There are four major departments working to achieve the objectives of ACH:
1. Department of Language and Literature
2. Department of Social Sciences
3. Department of Research and Archiving
4. Department of Performance and Visual Arts
Mailing address: GPO Box 5777, Kathmandu Nepal
Email: achkathmandu@gmail.com



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