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Introduction: PANAsia Creativity



(Artwork: Chirag Bangdel)

PAN-Asia Creativity

When people hear the name of our country, Nepal, there are mixed reactions. The geographically unaware mistake us for Napolitans, The more in tune mention the famous Gorkhas or mountain-climbing Sherpas. This is fine because these groups and the Highest mountains on earth, amongst which thy dwell deserve more recognition than they get. Yet, the way the world goes one has to be in the midst of conflict, diamond mines or petroleum fields for the world to know you exist.

So, why should they know we exist and what and who are PANAsia Creativity?


Nepal is or was for centuries a cradle of refuge in the middle of the Himalayas. It was the place where Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism met. Groups of people migrated here through the centuries bringing disparate languages and cultures. By and large they were left alone, perhaps the very ruggedness of the mountains assured them each of a ‘beyul’ or secret valley and thus they forged livelihoods, cultures, and myths out of the most rugged mountains on earth. Of the lands of the Ramayana, of tantric Buddhism and Bon animism, Nepal is the most eclectic. The dialect of certain mountain groups and their religious festivals and their languages echo in the customs of the Lao and Khmer of South East Asia. People came here from South India and SE Asia and even from Afghanistan and what is present day Iraq. Even today they arrive here, escaping conflicts of their own. We all have our conflicts of course but one issue that burns in the souls of many Nepalese today is the wish to show the world that the soul of Nepal and her people is not ‘landlocked’.

So PANAsia Creativity was formed out of a determination to promote in an informal manner the rich poetic vision of young poets the visual depth of young artists, the joy of its music and the richness in the stories and novels written by Nepalis who have worked so long in obscurity A group of ten creators and two advisors, we are establishing this site to communicate and share our offerings with the rest of the world.

We call ourselves PANAsia Creatvity because we truly believe that our land was a cross-road of culture and belief that declined because the world passed us by, being gifted with the highest mountain on earth can be a double-edged sword.

(From PANAsia Creativity website. For more details, visit: http://www.panasiacreativity.org/)



Dhruba Chandra Gautam

Dhruba Chandra Gautam is known chiefly for the five highly accomplished novels he has published since 1969, but he has also played an important role in the development of the short story in Nepali. A prolific writer with at least sixty stories to his credit, Gautam deals almost exclusively with contemporary social issues and has developed a unique narrative style. Gautam’s stories are collected in Andhyaro Dipma (On a Dark Island, 1978) and Gautamka Kehi Pratinidhi Kathaharu (Some of Gautam’s Representative Stories, 1987).

Deepak Rana

Deepak Rana is active in the tourist industry of Nepal for the last 40 years dealing mostly with adventure tourism. He lives in Kathmandu with his wife and daughter. He writes in english from time to time for the various magazines and newspapers stationed in the Kathmandu valley.
These are the names of his books that have been published –
1. The Bending Reed
2. Just Passing By
Three books that are nearly ready for print and should be published in the next 3 months are –
1. The Silent flute
2. Roads less travelled
3. Nepal hunters

Chirag Bangdel

Chirag Bangdel is an artist, writer and a poet. He wrote regular columns for various magazines and is the author of four collections of poems. His book of short stories and haiku, “Mist Around the Stupa” was published by Chautara Publications, the Netherlands in 2009. As an artist, Chirag exhibits regularly in Nepal and abroad. Chirag is loved for his figurative paintings and has created a large volume of work in the genre. His on-going series of collage and mixed media works which he calls “Tattva” has been exhibited in Nepal , Germany, France and the Netherlands. His works were recently exhibited in Pakistan and D…

Prakash Subedi

Prakash Subedi is a man of words. He crafts them into poetry when he is in the mood, and he’s known to always keep his word, too. When he’s not doing either, he teaches literature to enthusiastic youngsters of Tribhuvan and Pokhara University. He made his mark in the Nepali literary scene with his first anthology of poems, Stars and Fireflies in 2009. Two years later, in 2011, Prakash, along with five other young poets, published a joint poetry anthology, Six Strings. His writings have been prescribed in Master Level syllabi at Tribhuvan and Kathmandu University. His short pieces have a feel of ‘coming full circle,’ of port…

Archana Singh Karki

Archana Singh Karki is based in London and is a lecturer in the field of business management and a director of TMF Training. She is one of the founding members of PEN Nepal and served for a number of years in the Writers in Prison Commeettee of Intenational PEN. She has provided editorial input to many reports and articles and has co-authored and delivered papers at international congresses and conferences. She has also translated short stories and poetry. Her recent co-publication is a book entitled ‘Effective Minute Taking’ published in June 2013 by ICSA Publishing.

Maya Thakuri

Maya Thakuri (b.1946) is a celebrated short story writer and poet with seven short story books, a poetry book and a collection of short stories for children to her credit. She is a winner of literary awards like Ratnashree Suwarna Padak (2035 B.S.), Shiksha Puraskar (2044 B.S.), and Mainali Katha Puraskar (2041 B.S.). She is also a member of Academic Assembly of Nepal Academy. She taught for almost 25 years in different schools across the country. Additionally, she has composed songs and given voice to many folk, modern and devotional songs and they have been broadcasted by All India Radio and Radio Nepal. She has acted for stage dramas an…

Keshab Sigdel

Keshab Sigdel (b. 1979) is a poet and playwright writing in English and Nepali. His published works include Samaya Bighatan (2007), a collection of poems in Nepali, and Six Strings (2011), a co-authored joint anthology of poems in English. An assistant professor of English at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, he is also one of the editors of English literary magazine Of Nepalese Clay. His poems and plays are taught in University and school level courses in Nepal. Mr. Sigdel is a founding member of Asia Pacific Writers and Translators Association, Vice President of Society of Nepali Writers in English (NWEN), and president of Asian Center fo…

Saguna Shah

Saguna Shah is an educator by profession. She teaches English and French to the students of Dillibazar Kanya Campus and Silver Mountain School of Hotel management.  She is also an insightful essayist and an observant travel writer, writing primarily in English. Her articles which are mostly regarding the neglected issues prevailing in Nepali society, have been published in various journals and magazines. Besides them her memoir ‘Memoirs of Sanomaharani and the Pain Within’ published in “Telling A Tale,” an anthology of 31 personal narrative fetched her acclaims. Saguna is known as an avid reader and a perceptive crit…

Murari Prashad Sigdel

Murari Prashad Sigdel is a poet who has an anthology of poems “Ma Sukna Dinna Pani” to his credit. Apart from this his travelogues, Sijo and Haiku have been published regularly in several National Dailies as well as weekly and monthly journals. Murari has been awarded with awards “Reuikai Nepal 2002, valley poetry competition 1992,” and ” Assam Nepal literary friendship conference2013 “(Assam-Nepal sahityatik miteri samaroha -2013).He has affiliation to PEN Nepal as a treasurer and has participated in many Literary programs such as Sijo workshop –pen –Korea and PEN –Nepal, Freedom of artistic…


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