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DSC_4240.jpgMy name is Prakash Subedi.

I am a Nepali poet/writer.

My first book of poems, Stars and Fireflies, was published in 2009, and my second book, Six Stringsa joint anthology of poems with five other friends of mine, came out in 2011.

My other publications include Ibsen: Beyond Time and Space and Ibsen: Samaya ra sandarbha, both co-edited casebooks on Henrik Ibsen. My poems, essays and other writings have been published in journals and magazines in Nepal and abroad, including Of Nepalese Clay, Devkota Studies, Literary Studies, Bodhi, IMAP ReaderNepathyaPuspanjali, Mirmire, BaijayantiECS, Nepali Kala SaahityaThe Kathmandu Post, Republica, The Independent (Bangladesh), and Daily News (Srilanka), among others.

I have been involved with a number of literary organizations in Nepal for more than a decade. I have worked as the General Secretary of Society of Nepali Writers in English (NWEN), Director of Asian Center for Humanities (ACH), Executive Member of PANAsia Creativity, and a Member of Literary Association of Nepal (LAN) and Devkota Study and Research Center (DSRC). I have served as an editor-in-chief for the journals Devkota Studies (published by DSRC) and Literary Studies (published by LAN), and as an editor for Of Nepalese Clay, a half-yearly English literary magazine (published by NWEN), twenty-three issues of which have been published so far.

Starting with the establishment of Gurukul theatre in 2002, I have also closely worked with Nepali theatre as a writer, translator, editor, and promoter.



I completed my MA in English from Tribhuvan University and MPhil in English from Pokhara University, and I have worked as a Lecturer in English at the Central Department of English (Tribhuvan University), Institute of Advanced Communication, Education and Research (Pokhara University), Dillibazar Kanya Multiple Campus (Tribhuvan University), and School of Arts (Kathmandu University), teaching courses in literature, language, philosophy, and religion. Currently, I am working on my PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies at Monash University, Australia.




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