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Ten pieces from “Six Strings”

1. Goats

A goat’s head

grins upon

the butcher’s dirty wooden table—

Other goats

continue their fight

for a few strands of straw

under the table.

* * * * *


2. The poem


* * * * *

3. Barrier

I was prepared

to cross the mighty Koshi*

when two big drops of tears

from your eyes

created an ocean for me.


(Koshi is the biggest river in Nepal.)

* * * * *

4. At the theatre

He was

on the stage


I was

at the audience.

With full attention

I watched


a question haunted me:

Who was acting?

* * * * *

5. Two balls of thread

through the dark night,
my friend and me lost our ways
and fell into a deep dry well. Groping
through the darkness, our hands came across
huge balls of thread—Our fingers vigorously,
tirelessly moved through the thread
throughout the dark night
as if a solution would
come out of

the night
that seemed like an eon
came to an end, and the first
morning rays entered into the old dirty well,
I saw, to my utter dismay: I had weaved a net out of the
thread and entangled myself leaving no possibilities
of rescue. My friend had weaved
a rope out of the thread
and had climbed
out of the


* * * * *

6. Time


you notice

the dream was longer than the night?

* * * * *

7. The state

Not many tall men remained—

Most of them,
after much consideration,
chose to leave the state.

All the remaining ones
were slashed into half.

Their height couldn’t be justified
by any means—

It was a state ruled by the dwarfs.

* * * * *

8. Unity

I shout slogans of our unity

inside the room.

As soon as she enters the room

I leave the room


I shout slogans of our unity

outside the room.

* * * * *

9. Gods

When I see you


at the top of your voice

while I shed torrential tears

all alone—

this is the only explanation

I find:

Our gods must be different!

* * * * *

10. Poet

Who is he?
I asked.
A crazy fellow.
They said.
A crazy fellow?
I asked.
Yes, a poor harmless crazy fellow.
They said.

He is so funny, you know.
He always talks to himself, all alone.

They said.

He talks about the winds and the clouds.
He talks about the mountains and the flowers.
He is so funny.
He doesn’t know what is going around him.
But he talks about the stars, moon and the sun.

Does he talk about you?
I asked.

Oh, yes.
He does.
He often talks about us, you and people

Is there anything he doesn’t talk about?
I finally asked.
They said:

Yes, there is something he never talks about.
Poor guy.
He never talks about himself.


(Please find a brief introduction to Six Strings here: https://prakashsubedi.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/introduction-six-strings/)



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