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Introduction: LAN



Literary Association of Nepal (LAN) was founded two decades ago by a group of academicians associated with Tribhuvan University to promote academic, literary and research scholarship in the country. With the emergence of new Universities in the country, now the LAN constitutes members and supporters from all Universities including Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal Univeristy, and Mahendra Sanskrit University.

Objectives of LAN:

Literary Association of Nepal (LAN) shall try to achieve through the medium of English the following objectives:

  1. The dissemination of Nepalese literature abroad
  2. Provide forum for the study of foreign literature inNepal

 Activities of LAN:

To achieve the above mentioned objectives LAN will carry out following activities:

  1. Organize regular seminars, symposia, talks, and such other activities
  2. Annual Conferences (inviting scholars and members to present papers)
  3. Publication of Journal and newsletters


  1. Any person interested in the objectives of LAN can obtain the membership.
  2. There shall be four classes of membership
    1. Honorary Membership
    2. Life Membership
    3. Regular/Ordinary Membership
    4. Student Membership

Regular membership and student membership is open to all whereas Honorary Membership and Life Membership are conferred only after a special procedure and decision of the executive committee.

Please write to lankathmandu@gmail.com to obtain a membership form or for any other information. 

(From LAN blog. For more information, visit: https://lankathmandu.wordpress.com/)


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