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In Prospero Performing Arts Centers first period we have concentrated on three subprojects, to demonstrate what the platform wish to be and can be used to.

The project have been implemented with the help of generous support from Nordic Culture Point, Nordiska Kulturfonden and Kulturbryggan and the collaboration partners own energy and resources. Passepartout Theatre Production has also been supported by Danish Center for Culture and Develpment and The Danish Arts Council, to contribute as an economical active part of the project. Danish Development Center for Performing Arts, Danish School for Performing Arts, has also been a crucial partner in one of the subprojects.

The three subprojects have been

1. A two days Nordic seminar about theatre and art for children today

2. A Three week’s workshop in a meeting between Play Whrigts and producers from Uganda, Burkina Faso and Nepal.

3. Development and presentation of an artistic collaboration and co-production within Europe

Subproject – Nordic seminar about theatre and art for children today – May 2014

As the starting shot for Prospero we thought it was a good idea to take a look at ourselves here in the Nordic countries – to try to define what’s our speciality and characteristics when working with Performin Arts for children and young people. Do we have anything special, something else than the rest of the world in this field.

The Nordic countries are famous for our respect for the child, for the high quality in children’s theatre, literature etc. and for our well functional funds for art and culture. We decided to organize a two day long Nordic seminar about the subject – for colleagues and people working with the issue.

The seminar was held May 12 – 13 2014 in Landskrona, just before the Bibu-fesival in Helsingborg.

The first day a smaller group of 15-20 people met to work with the questions about the Nordic view on the child, the childhood, art and pedagogics.

The second day everybody with interest could come to join the seminar and the discussion

The seminar resulted in a Charter about children’s right to art and culture. It was written in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English and was based on the article 31 in the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Subproject – Intercultural Workshop for Play Whrigts and Theatre producers – May 2015

The main subproject in the first period was a three week long ’double’ workshop for 6 play writers and 6 theatre producers from Burkina Faso, Uganda and Nepal.

In a dialogue with three ’ ambassadors’ from the three countries – Patrick Mangeni, professor in Literature and Drama at Makerere Univerity in Kampala/Uganda, Prakash Subedi, teacher in Literature and Drama at Kathmandu University/Nepal and Bonaventure Yameogo, producer and president for AFRICAPAX network and ARTerial Network/Burkina Faso – we could plan and organize a useful and relevant workshop with highly qualified participants, who can guarantee a professional result, local grounding and a realistic future for the developed projects. 12 competent and motivated writers and producers were invited to participate in the workshop. As teachers and Nordic networkers we chose Norwegian, Danish and Swedish theatre people with long – and various – experience from the field.

The workshop was held May 4 – 22 2015. We worked at Landskrona Teater for the first two weeks and the last week we spent at the Danish Development Center for Performing Arts in Odsherred in Denmark.

The first 10 days were just for the Play writers. They got introductions to various writing methods, dramaturgy principles, thoughts and theories and experiences from working with Performing Arts for children/adults, about art/pedagogics, history/new trends. They wrote a new story each day, which was discussed by the group the following day. In the middle of the period the producers arrived and the participants was put together in pairs – writer and producer –to develop a realistic and visionary project, a start on a theatre performance for children in their homeland.

The workshop was celebrated and the result presented at an international meeting and arrangement at Teaterøen in Copenhagen. The participants presented themselves, their work and the concepts developed under the workshop. Nordic colleagues were invited to read, listen and give professional feedback and just to do networking. The arrangement was public and the interest from the branch was warm.

The workshop was a great experience for all that participated!

The exchange of experiences was amazing and intercontinental. 5-6 new concepts for performances for children and family theater were produced during the weeks. All of them are going to be realized and two of them also intercontinentally

Participants: Alain Hema, Adama Kaboré, Bonaventure Yameogo from Burkina Faso, Patience Nitumwesiga, Juliet Nantambi, Lillian Mbabazi, Olivia Namyalo from Uganda, Prakash Subedi, Alok Lamsal, Dillip Rana Bhat, Devendra Neupane, producent from Nepal

Subproject – Development and presentation of a co-production within Europe

One of the ideas about Prospero and the Nordic triangle is to structurally support development and presentation of intercultural Performing Arts for children in our countries as well. It is difficult to reach the audience with ‘unknown’ artists, it is more expensive etc.

Therefore we chose to put a European co-production under the wings of Prospero in the first period, to demonstrate a possibility for the framework. Prospero cannot be a producer, but a base for development and presentation.

A co-operation between Mala Scena in Croatia, Passepartout Theatre Production in Denmark and Landskrona Teater in Sweden was developed under 2013 and 2014. We made an application for Creative Europe, national, local funds and a used time on detailed planning and share work and roles. In October we could present the performance “Why me?” in Zagreb and Landkrona and in January 2015 in Copenhagen – with a plan for a Nordic tour.



(From Prospero Website. For more details, visit: http://prosperoperformingartscenter.com/home-2.html)











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